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I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

by Walter L. Newton.

Based on the book by Joanne Greenberg.

 Premiered at Miners Alley Playhouse Golden, Co. on Oct. 1st, 2004.

Production rights now available

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

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2004 Press Release

Nominated for the 2004 Denver Post Ovation Awards. Best New Work, Best Actress and Best

Supporting Actress. WINNER – Paige Lynn Larson for Best Supporting Actress.


“…nothing in Newton's adaptation allows for easy answers or blanket condemnations. His work is a

 profound argument for a humanistic approach to treating psychosis.” (John Moore - The Denver Post).


“…the dramatic arc is a compelling mix of personal, familial and professional themes that represents

the actual events in a way the 1977 film does not. Newton's coup de grace, a multilayered denouement

in which the fortunes of Deborah and Dr. Fried reverse, is an especially imaginative piece of writing.”

(Bob Bows - Variety Magazine)


“Walter L. Newton and the Miners Alley Playhouse have brought forth a wonderful play with staying

power for years to come.” (Gary Zeidner - The Boulder Weekly)