Miners Alley Playhouse


      1984 by Walter L. Newton. Based on the book by George Orwell. Premiered

                                at Miners Alley Playhouse on Sept. 8th, 2006.

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 “…written by company member Walter L. Newton, this thought-provoking new staging is intended

to give us renewed pause that, with government intrusions like the Patriot Act, we're barreling down

that Orwellian path.” (John Moore - The Denver Post).


“…Newton's clever use of parallel interrogation and torture scenes in the second act make for a

gripping climax to this classic tale of now familiar Orwellian warnings and startlingly close-to-home

examples of Newspeak propaganda.” (Bob Bows - Variety Magazine)


Walter L. Newton’s stage adaptation of George Orwell’s prophetic classic is sensationally well crafted.

The tightly knit script is faithful to the essence of the book and translates to the theatre with power. The

Orwellian concepts of Thought Police, New Speak and Double Think are put forth with articulate correctness.

Mr. Newton’s script will soon be snatched up by theatres all across the country. This is your chance to see its

world premiere production.” (David Marlowe – Denver Out Front Magazine)