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     Appearances by Walter L. Newton. Based on the 2006 book by Joanne Greenberg.

                              Available for workshops or a premier production.

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Stephan, a successful prosecuting attorney for the city of Chicago, has just turned 50. He returns from the funeral of his mother with a valise. With in the contents of the valise he hopes to solve the mystery of his father, whom he assumed had died when Stephan was only eight years old. What he does discover is that his father is alive and has been serving a life sentence for pedophilia.


Torn between his rising career, his children and his wife with her pedigreed Chicago family, Stephan attempts to reconnect with his father.


Stephan discovers that life is sometimes tainted by rose-colored glasses, and what appears to be reality can be quickly shattered by family secrets.


The play examines how our modern society deals with pedophilia. Is it nature or nurture, is it curable or is it chronic? Should we treat it like other diseases or is best we remove the offender from public life?


Just as Joanne Greenberg dealt with schizophrenia in her book  “I  Never Promised You a Rose Garden,” she returns once again to a difficult social and medical issue and offers her insight into the human condition.


This is the 3rd Greenberg novel that Mr. Newton has adapted for the stage.