Yiddish Theatre meets Sholom Aleichem meets Neil Simon meets The Twilight Zone


On April 5th, 2002 the award winning Morrison Theatre Company in Morrison, Colorado (in the Denver Metro Area) will premier a new work entitled High Crimes and Misdemeanors. The play is based on three stories from the 1978 book of the same name by Evergreen, Colorado’s own renowned author Joanne Greenberg and adapted by Denver playwright Walter L. Newton.


Joanne Greenberg is the author of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden and over 15 other full-length novels and books of short stories. Rose Garden was made into a movie in 1977 and starred Kathleen Quinlan. Another book, In This Sign was produced as a made-for-TV movie in 1985 and titled Love is Never Silent and starred Cloris Leachman and Mare Winningham and won an Emmy award for Best Director. Joanne is a powerful writer, concerned with exploring the limits of what it means to be human. This is her first effort of having a selection of her stunning stories translated to the stage and she is working in tandem with us on this project.


The stories…


On Tiptoe Must They Leave the Pious of Israel deals with a Jewish angel and racial identity and how we respond to a society that has suddenly embraced all philosophies. Do we lose ourselves in this melange of feel-good sharing, or is it still important that we retain and pass down our unique heritage?


They Live tackles the age-old question “why is there evil in the world.” and what happens when a suicidal nihilist is confronted with the possibility that good and evil exists as an objective force in the universe. Who is the initiator of evil and who governs its use?


Things in Their Season presents an ethical dilemma. “Is it moral to commit a crime in order to save a good mans life” and what transpires when three Torah students infiltrate a secret US government facility and steal “time” to give to their dying Rabbi? This problem has been argued by every generation the world over. And while the answers have been varied, we have always been able to agree that a human life is precious.


All three of these tales are grounded in Jewish religious thought and philosophy. But the base concepts are universal. The stories are funny and poignant and dig deep into the core of the human condition. And like any good fable they refuse neatly wrapped conclusions. It is up to the audience to take these parables home, mull over them and decide what would be their  therefore…”


The show will be directed by Rick Bernstein and will run Apr. 5th, 2002 through Apr. 28th, 2002. For information and reservations call The Morrison Theatre at 303-935-3044.For more information about The Morrison Theatre Company, please visit out web site at…


If you will be in the Denver Metro area in Apr. 2002, stop by and see the show. If you have a theater company and are looking for new works in the future, contact us for a copy of the script. We have press material that we can send you if you would like to feature this show in your newsletter or newspaper.